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Baby Care at our Liverpool Day Nursery

Baby Care at our Liverpool Day Nursery

At our Liverpool Day Nursery there are 4 staff based in the 0 – 2 room with ratio of 1:3, offering the very best of child care in Liverpool.

Each of the staff are allocated key children and will carry out weekly observations of children using the EYFS guidance and plan to follow the Child’s interest and learning.

Staff will provide a warm and comfortable environment for the children where there will be a number of activities such as messy play, music, and treasure baskets for them to enjoy and to explore their senses.
Photographic images are displayed throughout their room of the children participating in these activities.
Staff will inform parents about their child’s day through daily diaries and are always available for you to talk to.
Our Liverpool Day Nursery offers a safe and stimulating environment for your baby.

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