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Early Years Foundation Stage at our Day Nursery Liverpool

Early Years Foundation Stage at our Day Nursery Liverpool

Since September 2008 the nursery complies with the early year’s foundation stage framework.
The EYFS sets out the standards to enable early year’s providers to reflect the rich personalised experience that many parents give to their child at home.

Like parents we will deliver an individualised learning plan that enhances the development of the children in our care and gives the children the best possible start in life.

Every child will be supported individually to make progress at their own pace and children who need extra support to fulfil their potential will receive special consideration.

All children are competent learners from birth and develop and learn in a wide variety of ways, we as practitioners will look carefully at the children in our care, consider there needs and interests, and stages of development and use all this information to help plan a challenging and enjoyable experience across learning and development

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