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Nutrition is important at our Liverpool Day Nursery

Nutrition is important at our Liverpool Day Nursery

We provide three meals per day for the children who are with us for a full day.

Children who attend the morning session will receive breakfast, served at 9.00am and lunch served between 11.00am and 11.45am. Children who attend the afternoon session will receive an afternoon snack served at 3.00pm.

The meals are prepared on the premises in our kitchen that is regularly checked by the environmental health. The food prepared is nutritious and complies with dietary and religious requirements, we also provide 2 puddings a week to the children. Fresh drinking water is available for all the children at all times throughout the day. Each child has their own water bottle that they can access at any time throughout the day.

We often celebrate children’s birthdays at nursery and parents are welcome to bring in a birthday cake. We ask parents to bring fresh fruit as an alternative to sweets to have at the birthday party.

The nursery provides milk formula but parents must provide their own bottles.

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