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Liverpool Day Nursery supports your child

Liverpool Day Nursery supports your child

Since the introduction of the Early Years Foundation Curriculum in September 2008, the staff at Rockbourne Liverpool Day Nursery follow the guidelines for all children from birth to five years. This ensures that every child is supported individually to make progress at their own pace whilst working equally supporting Children who may need extra support to fulfill their potential.

This is supported by each child at the nursery being assigned a key worker; it is their role to carry out regular observations on their key children, planning for each child’s individual interests whilst monitoring their area of development.

Staff will work alongside parents and liaise on a daily basis. Partnership with parents is amongst a list of our top priorities.

We work alongside parents to ensure that each child is supported and cared for asking for parents views and opinions.

We conduct annual parents evenings and welcome parents to participate in fundraising events.

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