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Getting ready for “big school”

Getting ready for “big school”

Summer is upon us and whist it is a lovely time to think about warmer weather and summer holidays it is also a time to think about preparing your preschool aged child for the transition to school.  It is a daunting time and for a lot of us it can be a worrying time.  But our Liverpool Day Nursery will help you make this transition as easy as possible and we are here to help you with any concerns you may have.

Our Pre-School room is a large open plan room which is very bright and spacious. We have a safe, stimulating, learning environment both indoors and out for the children to access at our day nursery in Liverpool through the use of our Continuous provision play. The children in the Pre-School Room learn through play, and can access the equipment with guidance from the staff. They are given the opportunity to be independent, explore throughout the day and gain new experiences. We also prepare the children for when they are ready to go to school and give them the confidence they need for that next big step.

While this is a big transition for your child we can help make the experience for them a very exciting time.  If you would like any more information on the activities or prep work we do to help with this transition, please contact one of our team at our Liverpool Day Nursery.  Alternatively, we do operate an open door policy so you can stop in at any time without an appointment and we will be happy to help.